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The future looks lighter for sufferers of skin discolouration

Skin pigmentation problems such as age spots, liver spots, post-pregnancy masks and skin discolouration on the face and body affect millions of people in the UK and are a result of increased local skin pigment production, known as melanin.

Melanin protects us from the effects of the sun but often, due to a variety of different influences both environmental and internal, the skin can produce more melanin. This then results in hyper pigmented skin spots or areas, such as age, liver and sun spots, after local damage from acne or burns, or pregnancy mask, which is often seen on the jaw line and other facial areas.

Traditionally an ingredient called hydroquinone has been used in cosmetics to lighten dark spots but this is now banned due to its damaging effects on the skin, and research also shows that it has even been found to cause cancer.

However, help is at hand from a safe alternative to hydroquinone cosmetics called Thiospot , which has been discovered by Dr de Paoli, a leading dermatologist in the field.

Thiospot is highly effective and reduces excessive pigmentation levels in the skin safely. The products natural-based ingredients build up in the skin over a number of weeks, resulting in a gradual slowing down in melanin production and normalising excessive levels. As a result, new lighter skin cells migrate to the skin surface, replacing older, darker skin through natural shedding which is encouraged by a mild exfoliant.

Thiospot does not contain hydroquinone, yet it is just as effective and eliminates the risks associated with this dangerous ingredient.

Peter Roberts, managing director of SkinMed who market Thiospot in the UK, said: "It is vital for people's health that they stop using cosmetics containing hydroquinone. It is banned in the UK but a significant amount of hydroquinone creams are still imported from countries where it is yet to be banned and a strong black market trade exists. More worrying still are creams containing Arbutin and Bearberry which are natural sources of hydroquinone which are still legal but still supply hydroquinone when applied. Thiospot is a safe alternative to hydroquinone and is just as effective at eradicating skin pigmentation problems.

Thiospot is available as Thiospot Skin Roller priced £15.95 and Thiospot Intensive Cream priced £24.95.

For information on Thiospot, use the links above or call 08701 909369.

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