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The Face of Chemical Peeling is Changing

Chemical skin peels have been around for decades and in our pursuit for younger looking skin, many women each year use chemical peels as a less traumatic alternative to face lifts or cosmetic surgery. Repeat chemical peels can be extremely effective at eradicating, or slowing down, the effects of time and also in reducing unsightly marks and scars, which is why so many women opt for them.

Until now carrying out a chemical peel has involved a degree of guesswork due to the reliance on visual changes in skin reddening to determine when the chemical should be removed through a process called neutralisation. Also, some skill is required to ensure even application of the peeling solution in the first place. As a result, a new product called Enerpeel PA has been pioneered to take the guesswork out of superficial peeling.

A chemical peel works by using a chemical to improve and smooth the texture of the skin by removing the damaged outer layers. Peels can be used to treat damage caused by exposure to the sun, such as freckles and fine lines and wrinkles, or even facial scars, blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation.

Once the chemical solution has been applied to a patients face, it is then up to the therapist to decide when to apply the neutralising solution. The common indicator is the reddening caused by the acid as it breaks down the surface skin cells so that the debris remaining starts to irritate the intact cells underneath.

With Enerpeel PA, however, the solution is applied for an individually assessed time so there is no need to wait for signs of redness. In fact, Enerpeel removes the complete cell so no irritating debris remains meaning that reddening is minimal and can even be non-existent. As a consequence, the recovery process is speeded up and is normally within hours rather than days.

The Enerpeel PA kit includes a GF index assessment, so that each peel is tailored to individual skin type and skin age and is a simple visual assessment a qualified therapist can make. The timer (included in the kit) is then set according the GF scale assessment and this defines the exact time when neutralisation can begin without having to wait for signs of redness first.

As a result, recovery is rapidly improved and there is no need to avoid using make-up, take time off work, or deal with red, flaky skin which are symptoms normally associated with chemical peels.

Enerpeel PA provides a highly effective clinically evaluated peel and supplies pyruvic acid evenly to the skin surface through a specially designed patented applicator that prevents uneven flow. The Enerpeel PA kit provides all the equipment for carrying out five peeling treatments; eye pads, nose plugs, peeling solution, timer, neutraliser, manual, mono-dose applicator and stoppers, patient record card and consent form are all included.

Peter Roberts, managing director of SkinMed who market Enerpeel PA , said: "Enerpeel PA is an individual tailored superficial peel that changes the future of chemical peels and the way that they are done. Enerpeel PA results in a speedier recovery than with the routine chemical peels and means that the results can be seen rapidly. It is concerning to think that patients are relying on the therapists experience when they decide to have a chemical peel, but Enerpeel PA removes this possible risk factor and provides a safer, more professional, option to superficial chemical peeling."

If you would like to try Enerpeel PA , simply call the press office and an appointment can be arranged with a SkinMed clinician in a local clinic to carry out the peeling procedure. Enerpeel Eyes and Lips is launching in October and is especially designed for improving the appearance of the sensitive area around the eyes and the lips.

Enerpeel PA is for use by clinicians and therapists only.

For information on Enerpeel PA , visit or call 08701 909369.

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