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Enerpeel PA takes the guess work out of peeling

Up until now, peeling has been more of an art than a science due to the reliance on visual changes in skin reddening to determine when one should neutralise. Acid peels attack the water soluble components of skin cells, causing them to break down. This leaves the lipid soluble component behind which is what dries and flakes off over subsequent days but it is this component that causes irritation of the skin and hence reddening which therapists use as a guide as to when to neutralise.

Pyruvic acid peels are particularly appropriate for acne sufferers, as pyruvic acid has a sebostatic action (slows down oil production). With Enerpeel PA the pyruvic acid is held in a patented carrier solution, which allows the acid to diffuse uniquely through both the lipophilic (fat component) and hydrophilic (water component) structures of skin cells. This ensures a more even peel whereby the lipid component is removed along with the water soluble component of the cell rather than left as a potential irritant, which may also slow down recovery. The net result is a highly effective clinically evaluated peel 1,3 where any redness and erythema is less in severity and duration 2

With Enerpeel PA each peel is individually tailored to skin type and skin age through GF index assessment, so the peel is applied for an individually assessed time (timer supplied) and then neutralised. So there is no need to wait for signs of redness first, in fact any redness is minimal and post peel flaking is almost non existent as we have removed the cause of flaking during the peel. So downtime and time off work is minimised and repeat peels can be carried out within two weeks.

Enerpeel PA supplies pyruvic acid evenly to the skin surface through a specially designed applicator which prevents uneven flow. The Enerpeel PA Kit provides all the equipment for carrying out 5 peeling treatments. (Eye pads, nose plugs, peeling solution, timer, neutraliser, manual, monodose applicator and stoppers, patient record card and consent form).

For further information or training on Enerpeel and other products in the General Topics range and to find out how to source these products, e-mail or phone 08701 9009 369 and ask for Clinical Sales.


1 Comparison with 70% Glycolic Acid - Shuller-Petrovic, Mayr-Kanhaauser - UnivGraz, Austria 2003
2 Enerpeel PA efficacy and safety evaluation versus 50% pyruvic acid- Prof Bonina - Univ Catania, Italy, August 2003
3 Clinical evaluation of Enerpeel PA - Prof Beradesca - S. Maria e S. Gallicano Derm. Institute, Rome - July 2004

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