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The Worst Anti-Ageing Advice We've Ever Heard

The Worst Anti-Ageing Advice We've Ever Heard
We’ve said from the start that our #TopTipTuesday articles are here to sort the fact from the fiction of urban myths and old wives tales, and when it comes to anti-ageing, we could write a whole book. So today we have decided that enough is enough, and have chosen some of the most widely believed myths to investigate…

1. Wrinkles are the biggest sign of ageing skin.

For some reason, it always seems to be fine lines and wrinkles that are focussed on whenever you see an ad for the latest anti-ageing product, and while they are a contributing factor to what makes your skin look older, people often forget about the effect of pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Think about it, whenever you see a film where one of the actors has to look older than he or she is, the makeup artists are always sure to cover them with ‘age spots’ – on their hands, their face, anywhere the camera can see, as well as giving them wrinkles. You may think of these spots as being just something that comes with age, but they can occur in younger people too, and studies have shown that women with issues with pigmentation or uneven skin tone could look up to 12 years older than their real age! Needless to say, tackling issues with pigmentation should be a high priority on everybody's list.

2. When your skin starts to ‘age’ is determined by your genes.

Again, this is a factor of what determines your skin’s ageing process, but it’s not the full picture at all. Many people believe that they will simply take after their parents’ when it comes to their skin – for better or worse! – meaning that those whose mothers looked thirty when they were fifty may think that they don’t need all this anti-ageing malarkey, and those who mothers aged badly may think of themselves as a lost cause.

But this is not so. If your mother was so lucky that she could pass for ten or twenty years younger, it probably had more to do with her diet, lifestyle and the environment around her, and while you may inherit traits from her skin, unless you also inherit all of these other factors, you can’t rely on your skin to age in the same way. Likewise, if you’re worried about ageing poorly because you think it runs in the family, you still have everything to play for. With the right lifestyle, diet and skin routine you can help your skin and the rest of your body stay youthful.

3. Facial exercises can prevent wrinkles.

Now, there are plenty of these so-called facial exercise routines floating around the internet that claim to reduce – and in some instances completely get rid of – lines and wrinkles. Now, this is something that we can safely say does not work. There have been some studies that say these exercises can improve firmness and elasticity in your skin, but say nothing about fine lines and wrinkles whatsoever. In fact, if you think about how wrinkles are formed in the first place – repetitive facial motions causing expression lines that become permanently visible – trying to contort bits of your face into weird expressions is probably going to do more harm than good, and even make pre-existing wrinkles worse!

4. If you put (insert random item here) over your eyelids, it will get rid of bags under your eyes.

There are so many of these myths floating around it’s untrue – and that’s exactly what they are!

We’ve heard everything from the more commonly practiced cucumber slices and tea bags, to the weird and wonderful potatoes, whipped egg whites, milk and even cold teaspoons; I’m honestly starting to think that it’s all some sort of elaborate social experiment to see just what people are willing to believe to get a quick fix solution to the bags under their eyes.

But why do so many people say that these all work if they don’t? It’s because the cooling sensation that most of them provide, causes some of the inflammation around the eyes to reduce for a short while, giving the illusion that they are working to take away the bags completely. Only guess what happens when you warm back up again…

In short, if you want to take a great selfie, the cucumber slices might give you some reduced puffiness for a short while, but for anything more permanent, I’m afraid you’ll have to look for answers outside the kitchen.

5. The perfect age to start using anti-wrinkle cream is (X) years old.

I can remember being horrified the day I saw an anti-wrinkle cream advert recommending that I start using their product at age 23. With 23 already well in my rear-view mirror, but wrinkles still over the horizon (I hope!) I couldn’t believe that a company would be so shameless as to use a woman in her mid-thirties to show off the effects of using anti-ageing cream when she clearly shouldn't even be thinking about that yet.

However, now that I am older and wiser (a little at least) I have come to realise that the best defence is a good offence, especially in the fight against ageing, meaning that it’s better to take a leaf out of the book of the boy scouts and ‘Be Prepared!’

It’s much easier to try to prevent the signs of ageing from happening, rather than trying to turn back time, so if you haven’t already looked into preventative measures, I would say that today is the perfect day to start! Begin with something as simple as regularly using sunscreen, eating a balanced diet and keeping yourself hydrated inside and out (see our #TopTipTuesday from last week for advice!)

‘So what does work?’ I hear you ask.

Well, now that you mention it, we do have the very exciting announcement that we have just launched our amazing SkinVital® serum that is now available on our website for a limited time only! SkinVital® is a highly concentrated antioxidant serum, that uses patented technology to deliver ingredients deep into the skin, improving complexion by tightening skin and pores, evening skin tone and hydrating your skin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and excess pigmentation.

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