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To Moisturise or not to Moisturise?

To Moisturise or not to Moisturise?

I can still remember the look of shock on my friend’s face when she asked incredulously,

You don’t moisturise?!

It’s a reaction you see from a lot of people, suffering under the false impression that moisturising is the be-all and end-all of having clear and healthy skin, but have any of them ever stopped to wonder what’s actually in moisturisers? Or how they even claim to work in the first place? That’s why we’re here on this #TopTipTuesday to find out.

So how do moisturisers supposedly work?

To begin with, the term ‘moisturiser’ is a pretty broad umbrella term that all manner of lotions and potions fall under, and while lots of similar products claim to do the same thing, you’ll find that they can go about it in very different ways.

You have to think of it as a very broad spectrum, ranging from water-based products – which are lighter, but aren’t particularly good at penetrating the skin – to entirely oil-based products - which are more common. These are thicker, and often described as being more luxurious, but can leave your skin feeling slick and greasy. You also need to bear in mind that the majority of moisturisers available on the market are designed for ‘normal skin’ (if there is such a thing!), and aren’t particularly good for those who suffer from pre-existing conditions, such as acne, rosacea and eczema, and can, in fact, make symptoms a lot worse!

So, oil-based moisturisers:

As you will have learned from last week's #TopTipTuesday, all of these conditions essentially come down to your skin reacting to a loss of moisture control, and trying it’s best to hold as much moisture in as possible, causing a hyperactive production of dead skin cells and oils, which can lead to spots and blackheads. Now consider that heavily oil-based moisturisers are just going to add a whole other layer of oily film across your skin; it’s not actually going to add any real moisture to your skin, and what you’re really doing is exacerbating an oily environment for acne to thrive.

In short, this type of ‘moisturiser’ only treats the symptom of dry skin, rather than the cause. You’ll see a brief period in which your skin feels softer, but as soon as the product washes or rubs off, you’ll be back to square one and feeling like you need to re-apply. It’s a short-term fix and nothing more – great news for the companies supplying them, but not at all great for you.

And what about water-based moisturisers?

Conversely, water-based moisturisers are almost a myth in themselves; many companies describe their moisturisers as being 'oil-free', but the fact of the matter is that oil-free moisturisers just don't exist. For the most part, they are emulsions that are mainly water-based (hence the name) but do have tiny droplets of oil suspended in the water, and often only have an effect on the top layer of skin, instead of penetrating down to help treat underlying causes. On top of this, water-based products are the most susceptible to bacterial growth within the bottle and expire quickly. Companies get around this by filling these products with preservatives to kill bacteria and make them last longer, and also with perfumes to combat the smell of the preservatives. None of these are chemicals that your skin is designed to deal with, and can cause redness and irritation to those with sensitive skin, and exacerbate conditions like acne and rosacea even further. The fact that the products are water-based also means that they are quickly and easily washed away, meaning that you’ll rarely see any of the effects at all for any real length of time.

So what is the answer?

We at SkinMed® are often asked if we do a moisturiser as a part of our range, and the answer is a resounding ‘No!’

To begin with, this is mainly because the word ‘moisturiser’ is far too vague!  We understand the importance of being more specific about what our products do, who they are suitable for and what you can expect, so that you can make an informed decision about what is right for your skin.

What we do provide for you is a variety of hydrating products, such as Hydratime® and Nutritime®, which target the underlying causes of dry skin, instead of just slathering a greasy layer on top of it. These two products are included in both our Acne TripleLock® and Rosacea TripleLock® ranges, contain no artificial fragrances, and are made with anti-inflammatory ingredients, and so are ideal even for those with sensitive, acne- or rosacea-prone skin.

There are also simple things you can do to help improve dry skin; helping to keep yourself hydrated from the inside by drinking 2 litres of water a day is a great habit to get into, especially with summer on the way, and will benefit your health as well as your skin.

So there you have it, another skin myth explained; ‘moisturising’ doesn’t really mean anything, and letting go of short-term-fix products could be your first step achieving beautiful, smooth, youthful skin.

Acne TripleLock® and Rosacea TripleLock® are clinically proven skin solutions, and unlike cosmetic brands, they are medically licensed in the treatment of both acne and rosacea, with thousands of successful users around the world.

The products were created through decades of experience, in collaboration with top dermatologists from all around Europe. Professor Tony Chu, President of the Acne and Rosacea Association UK (ARA UK) endorses and prescribes the products for his patients - you can be certain you're in the right hands.

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SkinMed® has a variety of product ranges to treat many skin conditions, suitable for almost all skin types.

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