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Why does skin get worse during winter? Here's why and what you can do to help

The Autumnal months are – in some people’s opinion – the most scenic of the year, the landscape is littered with beautiful orange and red tones from the leaves and with the temperature beginning to drop, you’re now wearing more clothes, starting to wrap up. At this particular time of year, some may already be reaching for the central heating thermostat or gathering a heap of logs for the fire – in short, summers over.

But the cold weather can affect more than what you wear…

Some may be thinking "Why does skin get worse during winter?", well, with central heating switching on, your sebaceous glands (glands in your skin that produce oil) respond and oil production will increase. The cooler temperatures mean, naturally, you’ll be wrapping up against the cold weather, also houses nowadays are much more energy efficient being hermetically sealed to keep the heat in; this means there is less oxygen available indoors and less oxygen getting to your skin through thicker clothes - providing a better breeding ground for acne bacteria to colonise your skin.

Match increased oil production with acne bacteria breeding more easily and you have a recipe for exacerbated acne symptoms and acne becomes even harder to treat.

Months of research and decades of skin experience has led to the development of a brand-new acne solution, Acne TripleLock – the all-encompassing solution for acne, targeting all causes, visible and invisible symptoms of acne using:

  • Nutritime® Plus – containing all nine key ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol to boost epidermal skin lipids, this compensates for the hormonally driven depletion of lipids, causing excessive skin water loss which underpins spot development. Lipid loss compensated = Water Loss normal = No skin thickening = No spot. 
  • Synchrovit® A - containing vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin E (tocopherol) slows down skin thickening (skin trying to stop excess water loss). No thickening = No blockages = No spot
  • Aknicare® range – containing patented combination triethyl citrate, ethyl linoleate and GT-peptide 10 to effectively kill acne bacteria, reduce inflammation, reduce oil production and restricts new spots forming. 

The complete acne solution

Starting with TripleLock, you will use 4, 5 or 6 products (depending on the set you purchase), but after around 8 weeks and again at 12 weeks, your skin will no longer require some products, until you may be using just 1,2 or possibly 3 to keep things acne controlled and under control. 

After just 2 months, spots should be under control and by month 4 your skin should be under full control and trained to only need ceramides (although many reintroduce retinol for its all-round anti-ageing properties).

We have a number of different TripleLock options to choose from, tailored to your needs, to find out which is best for you, click here or contact us; 

Call: 0333 247 247 4 – Email: – Online chat: bottom right hand corner

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Love this article, always wondered why my skin gets worse during the winter. Always bought Aknicare but will buy TripleLock now.
Posted By: Mona Schenck - 18 Oct 2017 17:06

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