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11 Tips to Prevent Post-Exercise Acne Breakouts

11 Tips to Prevent Post-Exercise Acne BreakoutsIt’s now January - the gyms are full of people working off the food and drink consumed over Christmas and now getting lean and healthy for the summer months. Working out feels great, but can lead to post-exercise acne breakouts. As long as you take the proper steps and use the best skin care, you can continue to exercise regularly without the fear of exacerbating your acne symptoms.

The combination of dead skin, clogged pores and bacteria that builds up during exercise contributes to post-exercise breakouts, more so than the exercise itself, according to a study conducted by Stanford University. Exercise has proven to increase blood flow, this benefits many organs including the skin as well as the heart and lungs. With all that being said, there are many things that you can do to try to prevent the aggravation of acne. Going outdoors alone increases oxygenation of the skin and can lead to improvements in your skin health, this is because acne bacteria breeds better in low-oxygen environments, this is why over the winter when we’re stuck in our hermetically sealed homes, we often face exacerbated acne symptoms.

In order to prevent acne breakouts from exercising, follow these 11 steps:

Wash Your Face before Exercise

Even if you haven’t or don’t wear makeup, gently cleansing the skin can remove oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. We recommend using the Aknicare Gentle Cleansing Gel. This non-exfoliating wash will cleanse your skin before your workout and remove and reduce oil after you’ve just smashed it.
Moisturise Your Skin

According to experts, athletes should moisturise twice a day as it has been shown that moisturised skin minimises acne breakouts. Experts know that people prone to acne lose water to quickly from their skin, which is why the top layer of the skin thickens up to try and slow this down. These skin types then produce more oil to try and slow down skin water loss. This thickening of the skin and excess oil can lead to blockages resulting in spots. Exercise can exacerbate this effect.

By boosting ceramide levels using Hydratime and Nutritime moisturisers, the skin can use these ceramides to improve lipid levels, allowing the skin to return to normal thickness and slowing down oil production. To keep acne bacteria at bay and to prevent the bacteria from getting under these blockages and infecting the hair follicle ducts, use Aknicare Cream, it contains acne bacteria busting ingredients and has been proven to be more effective than the current best selling prescription products such as Duac, proven in comparative clinical trials.

Always Wear Clean Gym Clothes

Most workouts result in hard earned sweat, sore muscles and a solid feeling of accomplishment, but did you know that dirty gym gear is a big contributing factor for post-exercise acne? To avoid back and chest acne always ensure that you wear clean gym gear to eliminate this build-up of bacteria. Always shower after exercise and spray on Aknicare Chest and Back which self-absorbs (no need to rub in) and short circuits any acne issues post your gym session. Not only is it effective as a preventative, it’s also highly effective as a treatment for active chest and back acne.

Remove All of Your Makeup before Exercising

It’s so important to remove makeup before a workout, by not doing this, you’re creating a barrier on your skin preventing sweat from coming out of the skin and creating a build-up, resulting in bacteria growing and breakouts appearing. It is important that you always remember to remove your skin makeup (Eyes and lips should be fine) before exercising as not doing so is a contributing factor for acne breakouts after the gym.

Wipe down Your Equipment

Most gyms have antibacterial sprays and wipes, their use cannot be underestimated. Wiping down each machine that you use before and after can eliminate the chance of you coming into contact with other people’s sweat and bacteria that may contribute to breakouts.

Stay Fully Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is very important and even more important whilst exercising to avoid dehydration. A key effect of hormonal skin sensitivity is that skin water loss accelerates, the skin then thickens and produces more oil. This majorly contributes to acne formation. Did you know that dry skin or skin with excess oil is most likely down to an imbalance of ceramides in the skin? To counteract this, hydrate your skin regularly and boost lipids in your skin by ceramide boosting with Hydratime and Nutritime. Click here to read our article on the effect of ceramides on your skin.

Don't Touch Your Face

Bacteria is easily passed from person to person when using gym equipment that’s not been cleaned properly. Touching your face whilst exercising can, therefore, lead to breakouts as a result of transferring bacteria from these objects. We strongly recommend while working out and using any form of gym equipment, to try and refrain from touching your skin if you can help it.

Shower Right after Exercise

It is important to shower straight away after exercise to wash away sweat and dirt. If this is left to linger for too long a breakout may occur. If you suffer from back or chest acne, we recommend using Aknicare Chest and Back after your shower. This is a complete treatment for those that suffer from back and chest acne.

Apply Acne Treatment Right Away

If you do often suffer from post-exercise breakouts always be prepared and use your skincare products after your workout. We highly recommend using our Aknicare range, a complete acne treatment range with superb antibacterial action without using antibiotics and the associated side-effects.

Fuel Your Body with the Right Foods

Experts state how the right diet is important to help avoid acne breakouts as a bad diet can cause inflammation, leading to an increase in oil production. The Eskimo - or Inuit to more properly name them -never encountered acne until they were introduced to the Western diet, which is high in sugar and carbohydrates. Their high fish and blubber diet packed with omega oils also meant their skin was oil and lipid rich and so skin moisture control was excellent. Supplementing your diet with Omega oils particularly is a good anti-acne diet supplement.

We recommend the use of omega oils alongside Aknicare. With one of the key ingredients being Ethyl Linoleate, this key ingredient releases linoleic acid into the skin, known to drop as part of the hormonal effect and leading to acne development. This contributes to normalising the skins behaviour and reducing sensitivity to the hormonal effect locally, without messing around with hormonal levels (where problems start to occur). In short, Aknicare is the long term solution for your acne with no side effects. Don’t let the fear of post-exercise breakouts stop you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Have you got any tips? Leave a comment below.

P.S. Peter Roberts, The Head Trainer and Managing Director at SkinMed wrote an article called "What is Acne?”, this fully explains how acne is caused and what you can do to minimise it, it was originally posted on LinkedIn and gained lots of attention, click here to read it.
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