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Why does skin get worse during winter? Here's why and what you can do to help

The Autumnal months are – in some people’s opinion – the most scenic of the year, the landscape is littered with beautiful orange and red tones from the leaves and with the temperature beginning to drop, you’re now wearing more clothes, starting to wrap up. At this particular time of year, some may already be reaching for the central heating thermostat or gathering a heap of logs for the fire – in short, summers over.
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To Pop or Not to Pop

To Pop or Not to Pop

You may well be aware that picking, popping and scratching a spot is a no-no. Although, you may have been told otherwise or been unable to resist the urge and want to make it go away as fast as humanly possible by popping and removing the white head.


Ultimately, (if done wrong) you’re left with is a red, inflamed and painful mark on your face, not good. In most cases, what remains is actually worse and is often more noticeable, but what’s the right way to do it? Click here to find out...

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Big Fat Rosacea Myths

Big Fat Rosacea Myths

Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects 1 in 10 people in the UK and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t caused by drinking a bottle of wine every night, it doesn’t only affect women over 60 and nor is it only characterised by redness or swollen veins.

We’re here to separate the facts from fiction in an attempt to extinguish these fads, for good.

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Why We Ditched the Samples

Why We Ditched the Samples Ah samples, known by many as the tiny tester tubes for which you can try a product before buying, they’re usually found at conferences, PR events and sometimes even order-able online with an order. They certainly have their place; allowing the user to try a product before they buy it, potentially saving money as the product may cause the skin to react a certain way or not even work for them.
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Why is Everyone Going Mad for Retinol and is it Any Good for Acne?

Why is Everyone Going Mad for Retinol and is it Any Good for Acne? Dermatologists swear by Retinol and research shows that it can tackle a ton of skin care concerns, including acne as well as wrinkles and rough, or discoloured skin. Second, only to SPF, Retinol is recommended for just about everyone, even those with sensitive skin and for an excellent reason.
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11 Tips to Prevent Post-Exercise Acne Breakouts

11 Tips to Prevent Post-Exercise Acne Breakouts The combination of dead skin, clogged pores and bacteria that builds up during exercise contributes to post-exercise breakouts, more so than the exercise itself, according to a study conducted by Stanford University. Exercise has proven to increase blood flow, this benefits many organs including the skin as well as the heart and lungs. With all that being said, there are many things that you can do to try to prevent the aggravation of acne. Going outdoors alone increases oxygenation of the skin and can lead to improvements in your skin health, this is because acne bacteria breeds better in low-oxygen environments, this is why over the winter when we’re stuck in our hermetically sealed homes, we often face exacerbated acne symptoms.
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